RUDDOG Racing RCL3609 HV Coreless Standard Size Servo (36kg/0.09s)

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RUDDOG Racing RCL3609 HV Coreless Standard Size Servo (36kg/0.09s)

1/8 1/10
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The Ruddog Racing RCL3609 HV Coreless Standard-Size Servo perfectly suits the speed and torque requirements of 1/8th and 1/10th scale racing. With a beautifully machined, black anodized full aluminium case, it is ready to withstand the rigors of racing and matches the look of modern race kits and accessories, and precise steering operation is ensured, especially when paired with the RDRP0538 Titanium Servo Mounting Screws. Speaking of mounting the servo, tidy installation is a piece of cake thanks to the plug-in servo wire.

Spline: 25T
Dimensions: 41x20.9x35.1mm
Weight: 66.1g
Speed: 0.09s @8.4V
Torque: 36kg @8.4V
Operating Voltage: 6.0 - 8.4V
Motor Type: Coreless
Gear Type: Metall
Included Wire Length: 180mm